Book-reading at the Hastings Highlands Public Library

I’m pleased to announce that I will be doing a public book reading (with excerpts from, probably, the first and third books of the series) of The Angel Brings Fire, at the Hastings Highlands Public Library in Maynooth, Ontario, at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Here’s the announcement on the Library’s blog, which can be reached at :

ABF Book Reading, Hastings Highlands Library, Oct. 27, 2018

(Note : You’ll have to scroll quite a way down on the Library’s Facebook page, to get to the announcement.)

The address of the Hastings Highlands Public Library is :

33011 Highway 62 North
Maynooth, Ontario.
K0L 2S0

Here’s a map that gives you the general idea :

Where Maynooth, Ontario is (relative to Ottawa)

So come on up to Maynooth on October 27… it will be a nice drive through Ontario’s beautiful fall tree colors, and you’ll get to hear all about the Storied Watcher and her band of superheroes, right from the horse’s mouth!

Hope to see you there!


Marcus Shields

Author, The Angel Brings Fire and The Future Burns Bright

Goings-on and planned publication schedule (4Q 2018 to 1Q 2019)

Well, here we are, nearing that scary date of October 31, 2018… much has been done, but so little has been published! 😉

I know I owe some of you an explanation, and here it is.

In mid-2017, my family and I decamped for the last time from our former home in Brampton, Ontario, leaving for the nice, forested retreat of Bancroft, Ontario (which, for those of you who may not be native Ontarians, lies about 3 hours drive west of Ottawa, just south of Algonquin Park). Bancroft is a wonderful place to live with that real “small town” feel to it, and best of all… there’s no Greater Toronto Area traffic to fight, out here! 😆

While the move definitely was “the right thing to do, at the right time”, as you can probably imagine, it was very disruptive and time-consuming in many ways, including its effects on my ability to write (which, for a while, ebbed off to “next to nothing”…). This changed in 2018, as we became more settled in Bancroft, and since about May of this year, work on the final volume of The Future Burns Bright — tentatively entitled The Future Alight — has picked up dramatically.

As of now (October 2018), work on the main narrative of The Future Burns Bright is basically done; I am just putting the finishing touches on a few dangling plot-lines, and after that, we’re off to the proof-readers. (Note : It is very possible, incidentally, that due to certain page-count limitations relative to the paperback versions of these books, that some of the “minor plot-lines” will need to be dropped from the books themselves, and instead be offered up as supplements on this blog at some point in the future. I will not know for sure until I do the final edits of the manuscripts.)

I am therefore expecting The Future Burns Bright to be published, and available for order from the various sources (e.g. Amazon, iBookstore, Lulu, Google Books, etc.) sometime in 2019. The exact timing will depend on a number of things that aren’t under my control, particularly book cover art, the number of “revisions” that the publishers demand, and so on.

None the less, I can say with some certainty that sometime in 2019, you will be able to purchase The Future Burns Bright, and find out what happens after the final chapter of The Angel Brings Fire!

I’d like to thank all my readers for their continued interest in, and support of, The Angel Brings Fire and (eventually) The Future Burns Bright, science fiction / modern fantasy / superhero novel series.


Marcus Shields

Author, The Angel Brings Fire and The Future Burns Bright