Telostic Corporation is a Bancroft, Ontario, Canada-based consulting and holding company that incorporates a number of subsidiary organizations devoted to roles as diverse as computer security consulting, book publishing and vacation property rentals. (Telostic Publishing is our self-publishing imprint and is a subsidiary of Telostic Corporation.)

Our special competence is in providing IT security, self-publishing and compliance consulting in a highly cost-effective manner, allowing our customers to enhance productivity through technology without (where possible) the need for expensive hardware and software upgrades.

We specialize in using the Ubuntu Linux series of Open Source-based computer operating systems, but we can also provide support for both IBM / MS-Windows - compatible computer environments.

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* Note : We tend to use Xubuntu more these days. Contact us for the details.

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Telostic Corporation
18 Forest Hill Road
Bancroft, Ontario
K0L 1C0

Phone: 613-332-0023
FAX: (call phone number and ask for FAX)